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Fire Alarm
Easy installation and Expansion
Significant reduction of installation errors
Length of cable up to 3000 m
Flexible module placement
Common bus system for all modules
Power supply & data transmission via rail
Great reduction on labour on the field.
CCTV Systems
Give you an extra eyes, not just
to monitor your surrounding area
even more to identify
a subject or an object
that could put a people or asset in harm.
CCTV Installers
Public Address
Been more than the sound inside
your building to the needs of the background music and call notification.
but the sound system is also needed as an integrated system to a standard series of evacuation.
CCTV Installer
Access Control
Providing an integrated security access
for your restricted area, with a full report and a live monitoring system
that gives you a warranty that all people
will be in their place and objective.
CCTV Installer
Conference System
Bosch conference system design for aesthetic, acoustic, and functional perfection. Innovative and authentic European design. Easy to use and easy to install.
CCTV Installer
Conventional Fire Alarm
The Conventional Panels provide Bosch technology with sophisticated capabilities of large-scale installations to smaller applications.
Analogue Video Surveilance
Our analog Cameras are good for standard and high resolution applications, day and night, all using our superior imaging technology.
Intrusion Alarm
Our range of integrated intrusion solutions includes everything
from small applications to big projects with the highest security standards.

security company

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