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Get to know the AVENAR detector 4000 from Bosch Security Systems. The new eSMOG feature provides constant monitoring of environmental conditions. This combines unsurpassed reliability with an outstanding detection performance. This is why Bosch offers a wide variety of automatic detectors for different sensitivities and fire types. The new AVENAR detector 4000 deliver information that, as well as reporting a fire, can also give clear, simple details regarding disturbance values caused by neon lamps, for example. It can significantly reduce the expenditure for the installation or maintenance of a system..

The AVENAR detector 4000 provides robustness against electromagnetic pollution and moreover supplies the installer with information about critical environmental disturbances at the installation site. eSmog allows the system integrator to identify and to resolve critical conditions even more quickly, hence saving time and money. In addition, during operation and maintenance, stability and detection performance are further enhanced by constantly measuring the electromagnetic exposure of each detector and calculating real-time values and long term averages. These are used to predict the exceeding of threshold values even before possible false alarms can occur. Operators can see the current EMC values and averages on the user interface of the fire panel. This will noticeably reduce installation and maintenance effort.

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  Fire Alarms
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  Fire Alarms
  Fire Alarms
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